Agent Information
You can find lower down a list of the Flights Agents whose data we spider, store and list. Every UK flights agent is not on this list, but we believe that it does contain those that are the most competitive and reputable. If you feel that we have ommitted an equally competitive and reputable flight agent, then please let us know and we will endeavor to feature their listings in future, provided we also find this to be the case.

Please be aware that some of the agencies featured pay us a few pence if you click through to their site from ours, whilst some pay us a commission if you then go on to make a booking. We do not, however, order our listings based on commissions. Our listings are always provided in price order, with the cheapest fares displayed first. In addition, the agencies we choose to display are not determined based on the commissions they pay. Indeed, some of the major agencies we list pay us nothing at all. We are more interested in listing the most competitive and reputable agents and thereby offering a great service to our users.