The Budget Airlines
Written below, you will find a rough guide to the budget airlines, such as Easy Jet flights. The distinction between these flights and other types of flight may not always be as clear-cut as stated below. This is meant as a general guide only.

The flights industry can be thought of as being separated into three categories; scheduled flights, the budget airlines and charter flights. For more information on charter flights, please read our Charter flights information page.

Scheduled flights are provided by companies such as British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa etc.. You can buy a scheduled flight to almost every major city in the world. Flight Comparison compares the prices of agencies that specialise in selling Scheduled Flights, so our listings are dominated by scheduled flights.

Flights from the budget airlines, such as Easy Jet Flights or Ryan Air Flights, tend to be sold direct to the public, normally online, via a website, and not normally via other agencies. For this reason, Flight Comparison does not currently list the budget airlines flights. (Please check back in future however, as these listings may be added).

The budget airlines concentrate on the most profitable routes, which means that they generally sell European flights. If you wish to travel to a popular city within Europe therefore, you may well find that the budget airlines operate to your chosen destination and in this case, they will probably provide the cheapest service.

Please be aware that the quality of service is regarded as not being as high on budget airlines when compared with scheduled services. The budget airlines aggressively manage their fares. If a flight is selling well, the fares for the remaining seats will increase. To get the best deal on a budget airline, book well in advance and you should get a bargain. Before you buy your budget airline flight, make sure you check the location of the destination airport. Some budget airlines are known to use airports which are many miles from the advertised destination city. The cost and time to travel into the city may be considerable.

Our advice, if you are travelling to a European city served by a budget airline, is to carry out a quick search on Flight Comparison for the cheapest scheduled air flight and then check the prices offered by the budget airlines. In this way, you can arm yourself with the knowledge to enable you to make an informed decision about the best flight for you.

As a starting point, you might like to check the following websites:

Easy Jet
MyTravel Lite
Air Scotland (if you are travelling from Scotland)